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Police Tanks

Today, I break from my introduction to peak oil series to talk about the armoured police SUV that was recently introduced to Calgary (Alberta, Canada). More can be read here. This, and anything like it, will now be referred to, irreverently, as (the) “police tanks.”


So, remember how I said I had dreadlocks? You may want to shed any stereotypes you derived from that to reduce the shock from this post. Okay, ready? Here we go.



I’m not all for laws, in a “no matter what way”… but neither do I feel compelled to rebel against “the system.” I would view someone stealing a loaf of bread for fun as worse than someone stealing it to feed a starving family. While both cases break the same law and are equally illegal, I believe that the second scenario is “less bad” but I maintain that all stealing is wrong. Yes, even from the “evil corporations!” (Some hippie I make, eh?) And while I don’t agree with every law I’ve ever come across ( though I would get arrested just for the free horse if that still applied 😉 ) I respect society’s need for some norms and expectations of conduct and act accordingly. Of course, if these norms, laws, rules, regulations, and general public safety-ness are to be kept up we need someone to enforce them.

That being said, I would like to say that I, more or less, agree with the introduction of the police tanks.


In theory.


I went to high school with a girl who’s father was a police officer, and I’m sure her and her family will be ecstatic about this additional safety measure. The same can be assumed about anyone else who cares about a cop. The city police need to be kept safe, especially with Calgary’s exploding population and increase in organized crime. And a great way to do that is to give them a nice, periwinkle police tank!


So, why am I writing about this? So far it doesn’t sound like much of a rant, does it… hmm… how to fix that. How to fix that.


Oh. I can’t help feeling, seeing that lovely, bright blue tank and hearing about the pact Harper signed with the US (in a state of emergency both countries can now send troops into each other) that they are trying to get us used to seeing tanks on our streets. Slowly, slowly chipping away at us to make a police state seem less… out there. Less something to rebel against. Less something to worry about. See as wrong. Oppose. I wonder if they’re desensitizing us to tanks being used to police even those who don’t deserve it.


I’m probably wrong. I hope I am. But who knows? Today they start with a, perfectly legit, armoured SUV to protect the normal, everyday, wonderful police. Tomorrow maybe they’ll add a few more. No reason to worry yet. And maybe next week they will open up somewhere for an army-style tank to be trained within the city limits. Oh, that’s perfectly fine. Now we’ll give the city police a couple of the army-style tanks. Still, no reason to worry. The police tanks must not have been sufficient. …Right? And then, one day, we’ll have an entire army wandering our streets. Where’d that come from?


I, for one, will stop and gape every time I see the police tank (barring obvious reasons to not to, like I’m driving a car). And will decide today where my threshold of comfort lies and vow to stick to it, so that “they” cannot push it backwards without me noticing.


Perhaps you should do the same.



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