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5. Slower pace of life

The good old days? So totally good! There were days while we were out in B.C. where our to-do lists looked something like this:

Work, take care of basic needs (food, bathroom, sleep, love, etc.)

And that was it. Other days our lists had shopping on them (usually non work days since the walk to town was up to 30 minutes) or laundry or finding a new orchard to work at (once all the fruit was picked at the current orchard).

Definitely not stressful.

Why is it, and I know I’m not being original here, that with all of our “time saving” devices and technologies we don’t have any free time? Seriously, we have less leisure time than the serfs way-back-when did.

And guess what? I really was happier at the time. So much nicer than the to-do list being all:

Work, go grocery shopping, wash dishes, cook, wash dishes, do laundry, read chapter 14, de-clutter one desk drawer, spend time with SO, check facebook, write blog post, work on cross stitch, learn how to knit socks…

And the sad thing is? Both lists are “days.”  Typical days at that. And I cut out a lot on the long day.

I’ve made a list of all of the categories in my life, and ways to decrease how much time I spend in most of them, and how many things I have to do overall. Because, honestly, the simple life is addicting. You can’t go back to stress once you’ve tried it!


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