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I’ve decided to keep A Day Closer to Fate up and running, sparodically. If I ever feel inspired in the whole hippie range of topics, you’ll know! I will keep posting the food storage and riot updates. (I think I shall do the riot halfway through the month, or when I get my utilities bill, and the food storage updates at the end of the month.)

Personal musings have been moved to the, currently nameless, blog here.

Thank you!


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To find out more about the Riot fo Austerity clicky clicky! This is really, really late, sorry folks!

1. Gasoline: 2 gallons, or 4.8% of the American Average

I went home twice, no carpooling (oops) for a total of 4 litres (1  gallon) of gas. I asked my dad about the mileage and we figured out the distance, so it’s accurate this month (he gets 9kms/L and the round trip is 16kms. I rounded up, partially out of laziness and partially because we were moving furniture and that probably had a negative effect on his mileage). I also travelled 17 five mile round trips by transit. (100mpg, 17*5 = 85 miles, or .85  gallons.) So two gallons to account of errors.

2. Electricity: 58.4% of the American Average

We got a new roomate and, well, the electricity bill doubled. 526kWh for our household this month. Sigh. We talked to him though, and we’re going to work out a compromise. Let’s see if it helps. I still haven’t found out what the “Green Electricity” means on my bill.

3. Heating/Gas: No idea what went wonky. Some calculation somewheres wasn’t right. Maybe I’ll look into it eventually…

229.7 Therms (24.231 Gj). That’s 114.85 Therms for our household.  Technically (remember my weird math from the last RfA post I made?) I have to reduce this to 9.4 for a winter month. This is even higher than last month. Ouch.

4. Garbage: ??

Still haven’t weighed any of my bags. Heh. It’s on my to-do list. Honest.

5. Water: ??

Just trying to reduce. See my water conservation posts.

6. Consumer Goods: 8% of American Average

$7.48 (first hand goods) + $56.69 (toiletries) + $2.13 (second hand books) = $66.30

7. Food: Should be 70/25/5. Is more like 20/35/45

Again, guesstimating from my pantry. Last month was 15/25/60. At least I’m shifting more towards dry, in bulk items. Again, the local and organic portion should be higher once the farmer’s market opens up. I have been favouring items made/grown in Alberta as best I can though.

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