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Living Seasonally

There was one more thing I noticed while I was in BC, but didn’t mention in my New Perspectives series (1, 2, 3) : that by the end of five weeks, both of us were very good at predicting the weather.

Now, I’m not saying we knew it’d be 6 degrees with less than a centimeter of snow and cloudy with 5km/hr wind tomorrow, but we did know it’d be warmer (and a warm night because of the cloud cover), might snow and of course it’d be windy… it’s Keremeos!

I guess living in a tent reconnects you to the world around you.

Wait a minute. I’m so disconnected that that reconnects me? Five weeks. Just over a month, and not even fully in the environment (after all, we still had a tent and a bathroom)… not to mention the fact that we’re in different places every (couple of) week(s). That’s like saying I’m such a bad writer that being able to spell half my words right makes me infinitely better.

We need to start living within the world, rather than trying to force it to our will. Seasonally. Think about it: 100 years ago, spring and fall were busy times. Summer was busy too, but slower because of the heat. Winter was a quiet time, often boring and hungry.

People starved in early spring. When  was the last time you felt hunger for longer than the time it took the pizza to get here? Scratch that. When’s the last time you felt hunger and there wasn’t anything edible in the house? And no, not having anything  that you “wanna eat” doesn’t count. But nothing that you can put in your mouth to satisfy your tummy without risking illness. I bet that if you’ve actually experienced this, it wasn’t in early spring!

When’s the last time I moved slower in the summer heat? Not counting this past summer, when I didn’t have a choice (man, 40 degrees is HOT), I can’t even remember!

So, how do I fix this? My first step is going to be a move towards eating seasonally (with some localness thrown in for good measure).  Which will be easier once summer hits and I can simply goto the farmer’s market (there’s a smaller one just a short bus ride away but it’s only a couple days a week, and during the summerish…)

Essentially, I’m trying to live seasonally and starting from scratch. I have a vague notion of what seasonal is, what might be local (or maybe not… “cows and wheat” isn’t quite what I mean here), what’s probably not local (Bananas! Chocolate!) and that there’s a farmer’s market close by.  At some point in time. One or two afternoons a week, when it’s hot out? I don’t know what a 100 mile radius would include, or where to find things from within that radius. I don’t know how to tell if produce was kept from when it was harvested or if it is fresh. I don’t have my chores listed out in seasons. I don’t know when the frost danger passes here, nor when it comes back. And probably a million other things I can’t even fathom right now.

In summary: I have a lot to learn. Wanna watch? Stay tuned for missteps and triumphs in my journey! (Wow, that was cheesey!)


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